On Friday, December 6 the Vaughn College Assessment Committee hosted the third annual assessment day for faculty and staff members to share findings from all college departments as they self-evaluate for the purposes of continuous improvement. The event showcased how goals are being met by the College and what can be adjusted to be more efficient and effective as an institution, and to ensure student success.

The day began with informative poster presentations highlighting the importance of meta-assessments and comments submitted by students aimed at helping the campus improve as a whole. Assessment day is important to not only better a students’ experience but also impacts the experiences of faculty and staff.

The committee organized an interactive game for faculty and staff to utilize team-building skills by approaching how the College uses data and their overall goals to make improvements.

Lightening talks were led by Manager of Institutional Effectiveness Rebekah Chow, Writing Instructors Donald Jimmo and Dr. Dwight Wermert; Vice President of Academic Affairs Paul LaVergne; Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Elaine White; and Aviation Department Chair Dr. Pete Russo.

Each talk focused on why assessment is essential to each department and the effect that assessment has had on academic and financial concerns, curriculum changes, academic advisement and the overall success of a student’s course of study.

“If we are collecting better data, we can continuously improve and have the ability to impact student lives,” said White.

President DeVivo reads comments submitted to the study by current students.
Dr. Edgar Troudt, associate vice president of academic affairs, and Elaine T. White, assistant vice president of student affairs and dean of students celebrate Vaughn’s annual assessment day event.