An electric atmosphere filled the air as Vaughn College hosted nearly 200 prospective students and their families for the second open house of the fall semester. The attendees heard about Vaughn’s futureproof degree programs in engineering, technology, management and aviation, toured the campus and learned what living and learning at Vaughn would be like. 

The day began with welcome remarks from Vaughn College Assistant Vice President of Admissions Nicholas Marter, followed by Vaughn’s President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo and Director of Career Services Chaundra Daniels. DeVivo introduced the attendees to the vision of the College—and noted the nationwide No. 1 in upward mobility ranking Vaughn received that supports that vision. Attendees heard about the Vaughn guarantee and the support afforded them by the academic services, career services and student affairs departments to help them succeed on their college journey. Daniels asked prospective students what companies they wanted to work for and explained how a Vaughn education can help them achieve those dreams. 

“Vaughn is so confident in the value of the education we provide that if an eligible student is not employed full-time in their field of study, or continuing their education one year after graduating, the College will reimburse up to one year of federal, direct undergraduate student loan payments,” said DeVivo. More information about the Vaughn College Guarantee is available here: 

In addition to the academic sessions, attendees were given a presentation on college affordability, scholarships and financial aid options that are available to help finance their college education. 

The next open house session will take place in the spring 2024 semester. 

Attendees learning about Vaughn’s futureproof degree programs in engineering, technology, management and aviation.