In March, more than 20 guidance counselors from the tri-state area gathered in the main lobby to attend a guidance counselor luncheon hosted by the office of admissions. The luncheon allowed guidance counselors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Vaughn and what the institution has to offer.  

The event began with a cocktail hour which allowed for casual mingling between guidance counselors and Vaughn staff. Guidance counselors received information regarding the College’s pre-college opportunity programs, new computer engineering program, financial aid and athletics. Current students spoke about their experiences, the high school to college transition what it’s like to be a member of the community. The event concluded with a tour of Vaughn’s campus.  

“We were so happy we were able to host the guidance counselor reception this year, because we were unable to do so for the last three years due to the pandemic,” said Lisa Li, director of admissions.  

This event gave guidance counselors integral information about what the College offers allowing them to pass on to their respective students about the futureproof degrees found at Vaughn.  


Lisa Li, director of admissions, speaks to guidance counselors from tri-state area.