On Thursday, December 3, Vaughn College hosted the fall internship fair where 24 employers participated and more than 100 students filled the main lobby in hopes of establishing lasting corporate relationships.  The internship fair welcomed new, and repeat companies who regularly attend the fair, representing the aviation, technology and engineering industries as well as the armed forces and city agencies.

The internship fair also hosted successful alumni who visited the internship fair to represent their companies.

“As a student, I attended the internship fair here at Vaughn where I sought out opportunities in my field,” said recent Vaughn graduate Vicky Morales ’15 of Air Charter Service. “Now I’m honored to be here and offer opportunities for Vaughn students.”

Brittany Bayona 16’, an airport management major, currently interns for AFCO Avport, LLC at Westchester County Airport as a result of Vaughn’s industry connections. “Working closely with career services, I was able to meet top airport executives and learn about the different opportunities available in the aviation industry.”

Other companies in attendance included Delta Air Lines, Aviation Week, the Council for Airport Opportunity New York (CAONY), New York State Civil Service, Roads to Success, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), the Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration, the Defense Contract Management Agency, the United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps and Air Charter Services and Enterprise Holdings.

Left to right: Vicky Morales ’15 of Air Charter Service and Brittany Bayona ’16 of AFCO Avports, LLC Westchester County Airport.