Vaughn College received a $3 million new grant for the Increasing Hispanic Student Participation in High-Need, High-Wage Aviation Careers, Title V grant will be implemented starting October 1, 2023 and will provide $2,999,630 until 2028. This grant will enhance and replace much of the equipment and aircraft used in our facilities for training  purposes. 

Objectives of this new grant include increasing the current enrollment in the aviation maintenance program by 20% (with Hispanics proportionately represented); increasing the percentage of Hispanic first-time, full-time degree-seeking students who were in their first year of postsecondary enrollment in the previous year and remain enrolled in the AM pathway the following year by 10 percentage points; increasing the percent of Hispanic first-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students graduating with an aviation maintenance degree within two years (for an AOS/AAS) and 4 years (for a BS) of enrollment by 10%; increase the number of STEM students who enroll in and complete an industry-based internship by 20% and to engage at least 200 students per year in career-focused grant events; and increase the number of regional, state and national industry partners offering internships and/or co-operative education to Vaughn students.