Vaughn College’s Engineering and Technology Department held its annual Technology Day virtually this year highlighting the department’s accomplishments. The event began with welcome and introductions from College president, Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo, Dr. Paul Lavergne, vice president of academic affairs and Dr. Hossein Rahemi, chair of the engineering and technology department. 

The Zoom event consisted of presentations about the department’s current programs and anticipated new offerings, followed by a report on student engineering club activities and student technical papers and capstone degree project presentations.

Attendees included advisory board members, alumni, students, faculty, and industry professionals.

“The engineering and technology department and the College enjoys celebrating student achievement and sharing that with the industries we serve,” said Dr. Hossein Rahemi, department chair.

The 2020 Technology Day event awarded students with the “Best Paper Award.” Awards are presented to students based on their research paper development and presentation. Judges from industry advisory members evaluate the research work. The following papers were recognized as recipients of the awards of this session:

First Place: Modular Torque Wrench with Heads-up Display by Atif Saeed ’20, Juan Aguirre Rodriguez ’20 and Juan Castano ’20.

Second Place: Harvesting Power-Modular High-Rise Cooling Tower Hydro Turbine by Ariel A. Ferrera ’20.

Third Place: Implementation of Robo Path Planning and Image Processing by Jason Becker ’20, Chloe Eimunjeze ’20, Alyssa Mitchell ’20 and Bruce Tenasca ’20.