Representatives from three dozen employers tossed aside the difficult economic times and visited Vaughn on Thursday eager to interview and even to hire. The College’s annual fall career fair paired students with employers from engineering and aviation firms, the military, government agencies and more.

“You learn a lot about opportunities that are out there, some of which you wouldn’t think existed,” said freshman airport management student Nour Irshaid. “Some companies have part-time jobs, some have internships. It’s important to meet with people.”

The College hosts two career fairs each year, one in each semester. Traditional visitors Air Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration, AvPorts and Butler America returned, and the event was bolstered by newcomers Apple and Delta Air Line’s technical division. Delta traditionally had only recruited for maintenance positions but with its LaGuardia Airport operations potentially expanding in 2012, the company has a need for technical personnel, and likes what it sees in Vaughn students.

“They come to us prepared and they have an idea of the demands of the aviation industry,” Delta human resources representative Bill Ittounas said. “Given that we may be expanding we’d prefer to look to local sources, and the training, talent and experience the students receive make us want to come to Vaughn.”

Among the students fortunate enough to secure a position was freshman aviation maintenance student Sammy Ghaliah, who will work part-time as a Kennedy Airport de-icer while continuing to take classes at Vaughn. While it is only a seasonal position, it is, as  he said, a start.

“Internships and part-time jobs … those are the things that help you learn about what’s going on in the industry,” Ghaliah said. “It’s good to make the connections.”

The College’s spring career fair will be held in mid-April. In the meantime, students can seek out career services assistance through Director Philip Meade at 718.429.6600 ext. 189 or or Assistant Director Jessica Caron at 718.429.6600 ext. 148 or . The department’s web interface — — enables students and alumni to post résumés and view career resources.


Above, Sofia Merzouky meets with Triangle Services recruiter Steve Hartnack. Below, Jermaine Morgan discusses options with Robert Fisher of Mach II Maintenance Corp.