Thirty-six guidance counselors from the tri-state area gathered in the cafeteria to attend the guidance counselor luncheon hosted by the office of admissions on Wednesday, March 27. The event allowed new and returning guidance counselors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Vaughn’s programs and what the institution has to offer. Of the 36 guidance counselors in attendance, nearly 30 counselors were making their first visit to the College.

Vaughn College President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo, Nicholas Marter, assistant vice president of admissions, Chaundra Daniels, director of career services, Dr. Paul LaVergne, vice president of Academic Affairs and Dr. Miguel Bustamante, assistant professor in the engineering and technology department shared information regarding the pre-college opportunity programs, the new computer engineering program, and other degree offerings including flight, air traffic control, aviation maintenance and mechatronic engineering. Vaughn personnel also discussed the high number of students who receive financial aid, the new FAFSA process and the athletic and club opportunities the College provides.

Vaughn student ambassadors accompanied the guidance counselors on tours of the College where they visited the residence hall, hangar, engineering and aviation labs and spoke with members of Vaughn’s robotics and Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle clubs about their experiences as Vaughn students, the high school to college transition and the competitions that they participated in with Vaughn’s support.

This event gave guidance counselors integral information on College offerings to pass on to their respective students about the futureproof degrees found at Vaughn.