The postcard campaign orchestrated by Vaughn College’s HEOP and Student Affairs Departments set the stage for student advocacy aid efforts. Students gathered together to craft postcards to be sent to legislative representatives about the importance of student aid and the difference the funding has made on their educational experience.

Advocacy efforts continued in Washington, D.C. on February 11 where President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo, along with a panel of other educators and industry representatives presented to the aviation subcommittee of the US House of Representatives about the future of the country’s aviation and manufacturing workforce and how to meet the increasing demands for pilots and maintenance technicians.

DeVivo emphasized the need for additional federal education funding for students and the work that Vaughn College does to partner with students and families on affordability and career outcomes. DeVivo highlighted that creating greater awareness of aviation and related STEM fields at the elementary and middle school level can increase opportunities for underserved populations such as minorities and women to be exposed to these fields.

Simultaneously, additional efforts took place in Albany, NY where six Vaughn students and representatives from the HEOP and student affairs departments participated in the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities’ Student Aid Advocacy Day to advocate in person for continued funding of student aid programs like HEOP and TAP. Students were able to meet with legislators and staff to not only discuss the impact of student aid has on Vaughn but to educate them about the extensive programs the College offers them.