The University of the West Indies (UWI) returned to Vaughn College for the summer international internship program with a group of graduate students from Trinidad and Tobago from June 19 to 22. The objective of the program is to introduce students from the Caribbean region to professional knowledge of the United States National Airspace.

On the last day of the program certificates of completion were presented and five students participated in a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Maxine Lubner, chair of the management department on “Opportunities and Challenges of the Aviation Industry in the Caribbean Region.”

The panel covered topics including airport and airline operations, regulated issues, government policies and the environmental impact on aviation in the Caribbean region. Some recommendations focused on the need for heightened preparation including safety committees and recovery efforts to support the islands through their annual increase in hurricane activity. Raising the skill base of upper management in their airports and negotiating high taxes imposed on Caribbean travel were other challenges that were discussed.

“Thanks to the program, students return home with exposure to business models of airport planning, and international management strategies,” said Wendy Francette-Williams, education consultant and professor for UWI.

Following the program students received a chance to visit New York City landmarks and tourist attractions before their return back.