On Friday, May 20 Vaughn College’s Engineering and Technology Department held its fourteenth annual technology day in E101 and E103 highlighting the department’s accomplishments, current programs and anticipated new offerings. This was the first in-person technology day since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The daylong event began with a welcome and introduction from President DeVivo and Dr. Hossein Rahemi, chair of the engineering and technology department. Professor Manuel Jesus hosted the event and introduced all presenters as well as serving as moderator for the clubs and capstone presentation sessions.  

Attendees included advisory board members, alumni, students, faculty and industry professionals.  

“The engineering and technology department and the College enjoy celebrating student achievements and sharing that with the industries we serve,” said Dr. Hossein Rahemi, department chair.  

The 2022 Technology Day event awarded students with the “Best Paper Award” and “Best Presentation Award.” The top two research papers and top presentation were selected by the industry advisory members as the recipients of the best student paper and presentation awards of this session. The following papers and presentation were recognized as recipients of the awards of this session: 

Best Paper Award: 

First Place: “Robot Path Planning and Decision-Making Subsystem for VEXU Competition,” by Misael Marquez ’22 and Nicholas Bentancur ’22. 

Second Place: “Slice and Dice” by Jack Sze ’22, Kang Jiang ’22 and Wiktoria Harkot ’22; and “The Braille Educational Tablet (BET)”by August Rodriguez ’22, Manpreet Anand ’22 and Bryan Gordillo ’22. (There were two winners for second place).  

Best Presentation Award: 

First Place: “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Academia by Amanda Camacho ’22, Jacky Chang ’22 and Kang Jiang ’22.  


Dr. Rahemi provided attendees with the annual journal, VCJET, a compilation of all information presented during the day and a recap of the department’s yearly activities.  

Click here to view the VCJET Journal.  


(L-R) Misael Marquez ’22 and Nicholas Bentancur ’22, winners of the Best Paper Award.