On Tuesday, May 30 the engineering and technology department’s Summer Engineering Experiences (SEE) program began. The program aims to enhance freshman engineering students’ skills by strengthening their hands-on computational, programming, communication and problem solving skills and prepares them for the core courses within Vaughn’s engineering and technology curricula. Upon completion, students have an appropriate foundation of the knowledge, skills and modern tools used in the engineering field.

Students in the program are taught the fundamental knowledge of engineering analysis, particularly programming using both MATLAB and C++ programs. Guest speakers are invited to deliver lectures and host workshops, giving students more experience with today’s technology. The most recent speaker, Michel Lévis, applications engineer with Quanser the world leader in experiments and courseware for engineering education and research for control systems, robotics and mechatronics. Lévis taught students in the SEE program about rapid control prototyping, instrumentation, and control systems.

“This introduction to essential skills helps the students immensely as they start their college experience,” said Dr. Hossein Rahemi, engineering and technology department chair.

For more information on signing up for next year, click here.