This week the Vaughn College student government association (SGA) presidential debates, elections and tallying took place as well as the annual SpringFest event. On Wednesday, Elaine White, dean of students hosted the debate where three candidates answered questions in the main lobby on how they would assume the role of president.

On Thursday voting was opened to the student community and included SpringFest which featured four food trucks serving a varying array of food in the main entryway. Food was served to students who submitted their voting ballot. This year’s trucks were Sammy’s Halal Food Truck, Waffles and Dinges, El Rojo Taco Truck and Mac Truck NYC.

Today the votes were tallied, revealing Wole Barnarde ’21 as SGA president elect for the 2018-19 academic year.

President Elect, Wole Barnarde ’21
Vice President, Jermaine Kerr ’20