Vaughn College student and faculty representatives have been selected to attend the 11th Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) Conference in Cancun, Mexico from August 13 -17, where they will present research on a variety of topics.

The capstone degree paper, “Application of Shear Thickening Non-Newtonian Fluid to Minimize Head and Neck Injury,” by Jose Herrera and Mamunur Anik was selected as one of eight finalists out of the 45 papers submitted for the student paper competition on Wednesday, Aug 14.

Three other student papers were selected for presentation during Wednesday’s poster session in addition to the paper mentioned above. These include: “A Subsurface Interference Design Study on a Steam Distribution System,” by Yair Koenov, and Melvin Okumu; “Alternate F/A – 18 Tail Hook Designs,” by Antonio Diaz and Acharaf Ifinis; and “Revisiting the Calculations of the Aerodynamic Lift Generated over the Fuselage of the Lockheed Constellation,” by Jonathan Sypeck and Wajahat Khan.

Vaughn’s faculty members, who served as advisers on the above papers, will accompany students at the conference, moderate sessions and present their own research work entitled  “Student Academic Engagement – An Approach to Ensure Students Success in Engineering and Engineering Technology Curriculums.” The paper was authored by Dr. Hossein Rahemi, engineering department chair, Drs. Shouling He and Amir Elzawawy, assistant professors and Khalid Mouaouya, associate professor.  This presentation will be part of the e-learning, engineering education and curriculum and teaching strategies technical poster session on Friday morning. Yougashwar Budhoo and Raul Telles, advisers from the engineering and technology department, will also attend.