The day started with a crowd filling the hangar to hear about Vaughn College’s offerings. Ernie Shelpelsky, vice president of enrollment services welcomed prospective students and their families before introducing Vaughn’s newly appointed President Dr. Sharon DeVivo.

Attendees came from as far away as Syracuse today to hear about all of the programs offered at Vaughn. After breakfast and a general overview of the College, they were broken out into group sessions that covered their specific areas of interest.  Two students recently learned about Vaughn at college fairs.  Kimberly Campuzano from Brooklyn attended the open house to learn about Vaughn’s unique mechatronic engineering program. “Mechatronics is very interesting to me and since Vaughn is the only college in New York to offer it, I came today to learn more.” Christian Becker from Shirley, NY came to find out what his options were in the areas of aviation and aeronautical engineering technology.

The day was divided into two parts. During the academic sessions, instructors described a selection of programs offered in engineering, technology, management and aviation. Professors discussed the potential for a variety of careers and applications of the degrees post-graduation and showed potential students what they would be learning if they enrolled at Vaughn. Field-specific interactive experiences in the engineering, air traffic and flight simulator laboratories took place afterwards for all those interested in participating.

Dr. Maxine Lubner, chair of the management department spoke about the relationships the College has with industry representatives such as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and managers at local airports. “Our connections allow us to keep current in the field, bring in interesting and relevant speakers and provide opportunities for internships and job placement after graduation.”

Valerie Vega, who came from the Bronx, wants to study air traffic control and knows Vaughn is the right place for her. “I was researching colleges in the New York area and found Vaughn,” she said. “I am thrilled that what I want to study is offered at the College, and I look forward to coming here in the fall.”

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Clockwise from top left: Dr. DeVivo welcomes attendees; career services answers questions; Vaughn students provide demonstration in air traffic control laboratory; Dr. Lubner informs crowd about managment programs at Vaughn.

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