For the second week in a row, nearly 200 prospective students and their families were on hand at the second of Vaughn’s spring open houses, producing a record spring attendance for Vaughn. The attendees came to find out more about the College’s program offerings and experience the hands-on interactive sessions.

Ernie Shelpelsky, vice president of enrollment services welcomed the crowd before introducing a student panel to field audience questions about their experiences at Vaughn. He then provided some background on the College, described what the day would be like and showed a student-focused video highlighting their reasons for attending Vaughn and their aspirations for the future.

The day included academic sessions where instructors described a selection of programs offered in engineering, technology, management and aviation. Professors discussed the potential for a variety of careers and applications of the degrees post-graduation and showed potential students what they would be learning if they enrolled at Vaughn. Field-specific interactive experiences in the engineering, air traffic control and flight simulator laboratories took place afterwards for all those interested in participating.

One family traveled from Panama to hear about Vaughn’s mechatronic engineering program. This field was of particular interest to Natalie Donderis, currently a high school junior, who was eager to take part in the engineering experiences at the open house. According to her mother Omaira, the family had searched online for colleges offering mechatronic engineering and found Vaughn to be among a small number of colleges that did.

The Donderis family attended the engineering academic session where they learned the specifics about the engineering programs offered at Vaughn and were able to speak directly to the faculty members and have their specific questions answered after the session. “We’re glad we came today. We want to help Natalie find the right college to suit her interests, and Vaughn offers the program she wants at an affordable cost.”

During the day, admissions, financial aid, career services, and student club and athletic representatives were on hand to speak with attendees, answer questions and showcase the Vaughn College experience to interested students.


Above: Attendees participate in a session in Vaughn’s air traffic control lab.
Below: Omaira, Richardo and Natalie Donderis attend open house.