On a brisk but sunny Veterans Day, Vaughn College held its first of two fall open houses on its campus in Flushing. More than 300 students and their families came to hear about the College’s offerings and what it would be like to live, and attend classes at the institution.

Celso Alvarez, associate vice president of enrollment welcomed the crowd in the hangar and applauded the veterans in the room including student members of Vaughn’s Veterans Organization who had just attended breakfast at Gracie Mansion with Vaughn’s President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo.

DeVivo spoke about Vaughn’s recent successes of being ranked as a top regional college in the northeast by US News, a top college for your money by Money Magazine, a top science and tech college by Popular Mechanics, and for being ranked number one in upward mobility in a study reported in The New York Times earlier this year.

“We are most proud of these accomplishments and the recognition that it brings,” said DeVivo. “This is further evidence that we are fulfilling our mission to help each student achieve future success by providing a truly transformational educational experience.”

Prospective students came from the tristate area and as far away as Chicago and Texas.

Jocelyn Jones, a high school senior from Dallas, wants to become a pilot. She found Vaughn online when searching for colleges and really liked what she saw. She and her father decided to come to the open house so she could learn first-hand what it would be like to attend Vaughn. “I like all that I’ve heard and seen here today and I’m going to apply for admission while I’m here,” said Jones.

Representatives from the offices of admissions, financial aid, student affairs and career services spoke about their role at the College and offered assistance in answering attendee questions. Students were also on hand to share their own experiences and generate interest in the clubs and athletic teams at Vaughn.

The next open house will be Saturday, November 18. Click here to register or learn more.