Vaughn College’s admissions department and aviation training institute (ATI) welcomed families and potential students for information sessions held on Wednesday, June 13 and Tuesday, July 17. The College hosted more than 80 guests that spoke to counselors about program offerings and the College’s “futureproof” career prospects. Attendees were also invited to tour the ATI building and learn more about campus life.

“Our goal is to provide students with a lifetime of opportunity through a transformational education,” said Celso Alvarez, associate vice president of enrollment. “We had very well attended events this summer with prospective students showing strong interest.”

Prospects for the ATI will receive the opportunity to enroll in Vaughn’s Federal Aviation Administration-approved program that links students with working professionals and will give them experience with real-time operating procedures and tools. One aspect of the program is a recent partnership with Delta Air Lines to train students in all aspects of aviation maintenance, from basic repairs to more complex processes. This will prepare students for the industry demand of 640,000 aviation technicians worldwide leading up to 2036.