On Monday, July 24 Vaughn approved its chapter of the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity to be officially recognized as on-campus organization. Kathy Deaner, interim vice president of student affairs met with D’Moi Rouse ’17, president of Alpha Phi Delta, to vote on the official incorporation of the fraternity to the College. Since October 2016 the fraternity has been in a preliminary phase that lasts one year, and already the members have made a presence in the student community.

“The process took a while but we’re excited to move forward and recruit new pledges,” said Rouse. “We will be celebrating founder’s day this year and look forward to the growth of the fraternity and making an impact on the College.” The fraternity already holds meetings on a weekly basis during the semester and seeks to continue community outreach to the student body. They also participate with the athletics department in promoting sporting events to encourage student pride and support.

Alpha Phi Delta aims to boost student interaction through campus events and by recruiting newer pledges. Acting pledge master Shawn-Dee Griffiths ’17 and recent pledge Cristhian Quiroga ’21 were in attendance on behalf of the fraternity, which currently has 19 active members. Vaughn College President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo also took a moment to congratulate the new chapter after the meeting and noted the diligence that the brothers displayed throughout the past year.

For more information contact Kathy Deaner at 718.429.6600 ext. 371.