Stefan Holt, anchor and reporter for NBC New York, came to Vaughn College this week to interview air traffic controller and Vaughn instructor Steven Fanno, and a recent Vaughn aeronautical sciences graduate, Ethan Addess ’16 about the institution’s air traffic control program. The segment was filmed in the College’s ATC laboratories where students receive high-level training in tower, terminal, radar, non-radar and en route options.

The segment focused on the current shortage of air traffic controllers and the need to train greater numbers of qualified people to fill these positions. The Federal Aviation Administration had recently announced that it was accepting applications for entry-level candidates earlier this month.

Students who advance to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic control program from Vaughn will do so with an understanding of the basic skills, concepts, standards and practices that air traffic controllers use and experience in a professional environment.

See the full segment here.


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