On Thursday, November 9 Matthew Pearce visited Vaughn as a guest speaker for the engineering department’s industry connection seminar speaker series to talk about his work as an education program specialist for the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). Along with recounting his time with the Goddard Institute of Space Studies he went over internship options for current students.

“Before this I’ve never worked in an environment that I love getting up and going to work,” said Pearce. “At NASA, there’s a great culture that really inspires, and challenges you. You’re lucky that Vaughn pushes you in a similar way.”

Pearce also spoke on current work in the NASA climate change research initiative (CCRI) and its year long interdisciplinary vertical STEM education research. Students filled in room E101/E103 to ask questions and learn about fellowship and scholarships option as well.

To see current available positions check https://intern.nasa.gov/ for more information.