Joe Teixeira is the vice president for aviation safety and institutional affairs at Inmarsat. Prior to joining Inmarsat Aviation, he was the Vice President for Safety and Technical Training in the Air Traffic Organization (ATO). Teixeira was responsible for integrating a Safety Management System and safety standards into the ATO.. He led organizational efforts to manage risk, assure quality standards, instill an open culture of disclosure, educate employees and promote continuous improvement. Teixeira also led the agency’s technical training and certification of air traffic controllers and technicians. 

Before joining the ATO, Teixeira served in the FAA’s Office of Policy, Planning and International Aviation as the Senior Representative in Northern Europe. In that capacity he was the FAA’s official representative to the governments of Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

His virtual presentation focused on innovative technology in the aviation and safety fields and provided value insight on the pathway to valuable careers students should consider. More than 30 students joined to learn about the latest careers, strategies and concepts for air navigation service providers, airline’s operational capabilities, mobile satellite-based connectivity services and safety products for flight and cabin crews.