On Friday, February 19, the management department’s speaker series continued with John Allen, manager of Allen and Associates Consulting, which specializes in aviation, safety, safety and quality management systems and Federal Aviation Administration and leadership consulting.

Prior to this position, Allen was the vice president of safety at JetBlue and was responsible for leading the growth and effectiveness of the JetBlue safety program and maintaining JetBlue’s focus and practice of safe operations both in the air and on the ground.

The presentation introduced the Vaughn community about the emerging future of aviation safety. Allen gave advice on how students should best utilize the College’s proximity to LaGuardia Airport to establish relationships with airlines and the significance of networking with colleagues and peers in the industry.

Presentations like this emphasize the importance of safety and diligence in the industry. Allen’s experiences offer insight to so many of Vaughn’s management students, as well as students in maintenance and aircraft operations programs.

The management department will continue their speaker series with Bill McGee, award-winning investigative journalist on Wednesday, March 3.