On Friday, December 13 aviation industry consultants and former national transportation safety board investigators the Honorable John Goglia and Senior Air Safety Investigator Greg Feith hosted their Flight Safety Detectives podcast from Vaughn. Goglia is also an adjunct professor at Vaughn. The podcast series focuses on all topics relating to aviation, from behind-the-scenes facts on air casualties to topics of interest such as tips and tricks for navigating through airports and security.

This podcast discussion emphasized the safety issues regarding the Boeing 737 Max, challenges faced by women in the aviation field and also opened the conversation to questions from students, faculty and staff in attendance.

Captain Chinar Shah, Boeing 737 Max pilot, was the special guest for this panel discussion. Shah retains thirteen years of experience as an international airline pilot and has yielded a distinguished industry track record of success. She is a valued member of the GHS Aviation Group, comprised of experienced aviation professionals dedicated to aviation safety and the aim to give back to the global aviation industry. Captain Shah touched upon specific ways to increase women’s participation in aviation and tips for aviation professionals just beginning their journey.

Also in attendance was Vaughn Adjunct Professor Captain Emerson Allen who addressed the Vaughn community about the pilot shortage and provided tips for training and mentoring aviation professionals.

Hon. John Goglia and Greg Feith host their Flight Safety Detectives podcast.
Capt. Shah, Hon. John Goglia and Greg Feith address concerns from attendees.