JETNET has partnered with Vaughn College to encourage diversity and higher learning for students at the 2021 JETNET iQ Global Business Aviation Summit. Four Vaughn students were selected to participate in the summit, which was held mid-September at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vaughn College and have students take part in this year’s 2021 JETNET iQ Global Business Aviation Summit,” stated Paul Cardarelli, JETNET’s vice president of sales. “We are always looking for the next generation to step into their roles in business aviation and lead us into the future. Students from Vaughn College represent a terrifically diverse background, which JETNET believes is essential for company and industry success. They will help pave the way and we hope their experience at the Summit will inspire them, and us, to new opportunities and aspirations within business aviation.”

The three students selected are Sadia Akhi ’24, Sadia Harun ’21, Tommaso Rossi ’23 and Zarin Tasnim ’21. Akhi, Harun, Tasnim are all majoring in Airport Management and Rossi is enrolled in the Airport/Airline Dual Major program.

“I am very honored and excited to be participating in the annual JETNET iQ Summit,” said Akhi. “This goes without saying, but I am blessed to have such an opportunity and more than eager to learn and understand the latest in industry trends and policies for the foreseeable future that is aviation.”

The panel also included, Dr. Sharon DeVivo, president of Vaughn College and chair of FAA’s Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force (YIATF). DeVivo said, “Vaughn College serves an incredibly diverse population of students who become outstanding contributors to all facets of the aviation and aerospace industry.” She continued, “We are pleased to partner with JETNET iQ, an industry leader, during their annual conference, and are so appreciative of the opportunity provided to students to attend, network and add to their educational experience.”


(L-R) Sadia Akhi, Zarin Tasnim, President DeVivo, Sadia Harun and Tommaso Rossi.