On Friday, December 9, the College welcomed Selenita Jimenez Williamson, senior manager for quality assurance at FedEx Express. Williamson has enjoyed a lengthy career at FedEx lasting more than 30 years. Williamson has previously worked for FedEx in other capacities such as manager for the safety management systems/internal evaluation program and adviser for quality assurance and airworthiness. 

Williamson moved to the United States from her home country of Ecuador when she was a child. After becoming interested in aviation as a child, she attended Aviation High School in Queens, New York where she highlighted the challenges of being the only female in class. In 1988, Williamson graduated with an airframe and powerplant license from Embry Riddle University. After years as a teacher, she applied to work for the airline industry, where she eventually landed at FedEx. At the start of her FedEx career, Williamson initially worked in avionics where she enjoyed the challenge of trouble shooting and using critical thinking to solve problems.   

Williamson continued her presentation by discussing the different careers in aviation including safety, management and quality assurance. She highlighted the pros of aviation careers and gave advice for students looking to enter the aviation industry. 

More than 30 students and faculty in attendance had the opportunity to ask Williamson several questions regarding her time at FedEx and others including her opinions on the evolution of avionics and advice for young foreign students working in aviation careers in the United States.