On Friday, November 18, the College welcomed John Allen, president of Allen and Associates Consulting, which specializes in aviation, safety, safety and quality management systems and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and leadership consulting. Prior to this position, Allen spent seven years as the vice president of safety at JetBlue. Additionally, Allen spent more than 20 years working for the FAA and served in the United States Air Force, achieving the rank of Brigadier General.  

Allen opened his presentation by detailing his early life serving in the military, where he learned to pilot several aircraft including the C-141 and T-37. He held several command positions including vice wing commander and squadron commander. While working for the FAA, he helped with drafting safety management systems, which resulted in him being hired by JetBlue. While at JetBlue, Allen explained he was responsible for leading the growth and effectiveness of the JetBlue safety program and maintaining JetBlue’s focus and practice of safe operations both in the air and on the ground. Allen discussed the importance of safety management systems and risk analysis and safety assurance and how it impacts the airline industry. 

At the end of his presentation students and faculty had the opportunity to ask Allen several questions regarding safety management systems and various other questions including tips for becoming a safety consultant and the challenges of transitioning from military work to civilian work.