On Tuesday, March 23, Carlo Asaro, aircraft avionics systems engineer at Sikorsky, visited the College to present for the continuation of the Industry Connection Seminar series. Carlo Asaro is an aircraft avionics systems engineer at Sikorsky. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin and a world leader in helicopter design, manufacture, and service. Asaro has more than 30 years of experience in the industry in research and development, testing and evaluation of rotor-wing electronics with primary focus on power electronics and weapon systems.

The seminar series assists students by connecting them with established professionals from the industries that they will pursue after graduation. Asaro’s presentation focused on the electrical safety and consideration design standard which is crucial in utilizing to avoid conduit installation loops. Participants also learned about high horse power connections and installation verification for the electrical and aerospace industries.

“It is very important that before you go into the aerospace industry, you take courses in avionics,” said Asaro. “A lot of recent graduates come into the industry and don’t really know about the avionics side. Equipping yourself with that knowledge will definitely help you on your path.”

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