The Vaughn College Engineering and Technology Department hosted the latest session in their Fall Industry Connection Seminar Series on Thursday, December 5. Ken Stauffer ’83, chief executive officer and co-founder of Technology Assurance Labs, co-chair of the IEEE Entrepreneurship committee and chair of Vaughn College’s board of trustees was the guest speaker.

Throughout the seminar, Stauffer addressed the Vaughn community about his professional experiences related to startups, entrepreneurship, current technology and the importance of an engineering education.

The event began with a background of Stauffer’s upbringing in Tanzania and the effect this had on his future entrepreneurial endeavors and what led him to pursue this career path. He began as a professional stage manager in theater, to later continue his education at Vaughn College, after which he was employed at Bell Labs, leaving Bell to create a $460 million start-up company, EPIK Communications, which he ultimately sold and moved onto his next venture to co-found Technology Assurance Labs, a service company.

Even with his vast background in entrepreneurship, Ken focused on the importance of understanding the meaning of being an entrepreneur, keys to being a successful one and also stressed how entrepreneurship fits with sustainable development.

The event concluded with information students could use to join the IEEE Entrepreneurship program, where they can access resources and more information on how to become an entrepreneur.

Ken Stauffer ’83 addresses students and faculty on key details to keep in mind when considering an entrepreneurial career.