The industry connection seminar continued with Lauren Ducruet, director of business development, Thales Helicopter Avionics division who came to campus to address the Vaughn community on Tuesday, April 2. Ducruet’s presentation covered advancements in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology (electric powered helicopters).

Research and testing with battery improvement, sensor functioning and tilt thrust design have improved structural designs for the helicopters which are projected to be commercial by the year 2025. Ducruet also remarked on the industry need for experienced pilots to help guidance systems in the expanding field UAV traffic management systems.

“The industry is in need of trained professionals and this College gives you a good foundation to enter it prepared and ready,” said Ducruet.

The presentation opened up for questions from attendees following his closing statements. Students and faculty took advantage of gaining industry insight from the director of business development.