On Thursday, December 4, Vaughn College welcomed Bobbi Wells, the managing director of FedEx Express air operations and planning analysis to campus.  Wells is in charge of the strategic planning of all aircraft operations as well as all effective fuel management projections.  In addition, she also spearheads a development group that measures timely and effective deployment of aircraft cargo around the world.  Wells was on campus to talk about her career in the aircraft operations field and the great opportunities FedEx has to offer entry-level employees.

“Aviation is a great community that eventually becomes a part of who you are,” said Wells. “It offers you a blanket of extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of. ”

During the seminar, Wells covered the ups and downs of her extensive career, and how she was able to incorporate information from previous positions to become a better leader.  She urged Vaughn students to use their knowledge and learning skills as a means to fuel their future achievements.

“Feedback is very hard to accept sometimes, but it is necessary for advancement,” said Wells.  It takes 10,000 hours to become great at something, so focus on the execution rather than the difficulty of the task.”

Wells prides herself on being a strong supporter of the mission of Vaughn College and organizations that give back to exceptional students.  She officially serves on the board of directors for the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA), which offers networking opportunities and scholarships to female students in the field of aviation.

To read the presentation Wells prepared for Vaughn students, click here.

Bobbi Wells Speaks to Vaughn students about career developement and opportunities.