Vaughn College implemented an integrated learning community for a group of first-year engineering students, which was made possible through a partnership with LaGuardia Community College. Students presented engineering projects that were judged by a panel of faculty members on Thursday, December 14. The goal of the learning community is to challenge and develop young engineer students through course loads, project assignments and faculty evaluation.

Project planning was made in class and the teams had a two-week window to build their projects and make them operational. The groups adapted their designs and goals for each project and made changes through case-by-case modifications and by troubleshooting issues.

The group consisted of 11 engineering students who shared six courses together. Freshman students expected to graduate in 2022 involved were Albert Forero, Nicholas Grisanzio, Deanna Gubitosi, Robert Meingossner, Samia Oishi, Joshua Ortiz, Yitzchak Rand, Ryan Root, Miguel Rosario, Johan Santos and Timothy Tullio.

“The instructional sessions and field trips fostered a sense of community among the students and the participating faculty members,” said Margaret Ducharme, chair of the arts and sciences department. “Faculty observed that students became actively involved in classroom learning and spent time supporting each other outside the classroom.”