Vaughn College welcomed new and returning students for the beginning of the 2017 Fall semester on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The semester came to a start with courses commencing and club and organizations holding an introductory meeting. Social events were held for new students to interact, and on September 12 a follow-up orientation will help students transition into their new academic environment.

“We’re really excited to get students active in the community and add to their education by allowing them more outlets,” said Debra Cassidy, president of the Student Government Association. “I remember being a freshman and how my peers and community supplemented my college experience.”

The presidents of all active clubs attended for the joint club and organizations’ meeting that was held on Tuesday, and soon after that the veterans club held their first meeting of the academic year to get a start on speaking to new veteran students. An introductory ice cream social during common hours was the first of many events aimed at facilitating student interaction for the beginning of the semester.