Dr. Gregory Olsen, American entrepreneur, inventor and research scientist gave an inspirational presentation to the Vaughn community on Tuesday, October 2. He is the founder and president of GHO Ventures, LLC, a small business in Princeton, New Jersey that performs speaking engagements to encourage students to consider career paths in science and engineering.

“If you work really hard and don’t give up, success will eventually follow,” said Olsen. “Don’t avoid mistakes, deal with them.”

Dr. Olsen shared with attendees the five-month training and preparation that lead him to be the third private citizen to orbit the earth on the International Space Station and performing more than 150 orbits. Olsen gave supportive advice to current students on the challenges that juggling postsecondary education can pose but urged them to never give up.

This speaker was presented by the Office of the President, the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Borders and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.