The flu season has arrived. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) this flu season is expected to be the worst on record since 2009. The CDC is expecting higher levels of reported cases of the flu. It should also be noted that currently there are three different strains of the flu that are affecting the community; an H3N2 virus, an influenza B virus and the H1N1 virus.  It is important to recognize the symptoms and precautions that should be taken as a way to protect yourself.

Symptoms of the Flu

  • Fever (a temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher)
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Running and/or Stuffy Nose
  • Muscle and Body Aches
  • Extreme Fatigue

If you are currently experiencing flu like symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention.

Precautions to take to reduce your risks of getting the Flu

  • Get yourself vaccinated
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your inner arm, elbow area when coughing and/or sneezing
  • Practice good hygiene and frequent hand washing
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stay home and avoid contact with others when you are ill

On Thursday, January 24th and Friday, January 25th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm there will be nurse on campus to administer the flu vaccination for Vaughn College students in the main lounge of the Residence Hall. If you are living on campus in the residence hall, we strongly encourage that you get vaccinated.  A valid Vaughn College ID card and a signed waiver form are required in order to receive the vaccination.

Should you have any additional questions or are interested in signing up to receive the flu vaccination, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 718.429.6600 ext 221