Vaughn’s Director of Residence Life and Housing, Becky Falto, was featured in the Talking Stick, a magazine of the association of the college and university housing officers which focuses on the latest in housing news, innovation, and professional development information.

The issue highlighted the challenges facing Vaughn students throughout the pandemic and the initiatives that have been taken to maintain a sense of consistency and continuity while also minimizing risk to them as well as faculty and staff.

“I’m motivated by being able to contribute to the academic, personal and professional success of the students on our campus,” expressed Falto. “It’s so rewarding to help new and transfer students adjust to our college and then to see them as they graduate and earn the degree they’ve been pursuing for years. Being part of their journey is so rewarding.”

In a 2017 New York Times article, Vaughn was ranked as the #1 institution nationwide in terms of upward mobility for students and was featured as the top institution for moving students from the bottom 40 percent to the top 40 percent in income.

“The work many of us put into pivoting to remote instruction and services has a silver lining to it, by helping us prepare for the unexpected and knowing we have what it takes to do so,” highlighted Falto.