Valentine’s Day came for a second time this year at Vaughn College.

The service organization Circle K International hosted its annual date auction on Thursday (March 1). Attendees, comprised of students, staff and faculty, enthusiastically bid on Vaughn students for a chance to have an on-campus lunch date.

“We do this auction every year as a fundraiser,” Vaughn’s Circle K International Secretary Sehrish Butt said. “The money we raise today will help us continue activities that are important to the club such as community service and attending conventions.”

The highest bid was $90 for a date with freshman Mindy De Jesus. “It’s all in good fun,” said Victor Patterson, a freshman and the winning bidder.


Supported by the crowd, freshman Mindy De Jesus and Director of Athletics, Recreation and Student Services Jon Hochberg watch as students, faculty and staff begin a bidding war. Below, freshman Lorris Linton serenades the crowd with “The Star-Spangled Banner.”