More than 30 representatives from 24 organizations were on campus for the office of career services’ annual employer appreciation reception on Thursday, May 22. The event is an opportunity for career services staff to thank industry members for their continued assistance of Vaughn students.

Staff and guests from longtime partners like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and John F. Kennedy International Air Terminal (JFKIAT) were able to interact with first-time attendees like Endeavor Air, GoJet Airlines and the Defense Contract Management Agency.

“I’m very grateful for our partnership with the College,” said Audrey Garrett of Endeavor Air. “We’ve hired quite a lot of Vaughn students. They’re very knowledgeable, personable, and they’re all very proud to call themselves Vaughn alumni.”

Director of Career Services Philip Meade welcomed guests to the reception, thanking them for their continued support and introducing them to Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo, the newly-appointed seventh president of Vaughn College. DeVivo briefly spoke about the expansions and renovations occurring at the College’s campus and the lasting effect these improvements would have on students’ skills as they enter the workforce.

Also in attendance were recent graduates and current students who have benefitted from the efforts of the career services department.

“The career services department has been amazingly helpful,” said Nitza Guardado, a 2014 graduate employed by Emirates Airline. “They helped me understand what to expect during a job interview, and helped me compose and distribute my resume; they have so many contacts in these industries and are always willing to help students.”

The office of career services is currently located in room W161, and hosts events throughout the year. Their next event is the fall career fair, which will be held on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

EmpApp2014_phil EmpApp2014_Students

Left: Director of Career Services Philip Meade thanks attendees for their support of Vaughn College students. Right: Erika Barcenes ’14, Mindalia DeJesus ’16 and Nitza Guardado ’14 attend the Employer Appreciation Reception. Barcenes and Guardado were recently hired at Emirates Airline, and DeJesus is employed at JFKIAT Terminal 4.