Vaughn College’s strategic planning initiative continued on Tuesday (March 6) with the second of three open campus meetings. Representatives from seven committees formed last November presented recommendations on key issues expected to be faced by the College over the next several years.

“These groups have been working to develop recommendations to take the College to new heights over the next five years,” said Brendan Leonard, senior vice president of the consulting firm Stevens Strategy, which is managing the process for Vaughn. “The key here is to create a new vision for the College.”

Small-group committees have been analyzing the College’s mission, infrastructure needs, human resources and financial matters, branding, curriculum and student experience. Analysis presented Tuesday focused on the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats present in each group.

In mid-January, these groups unveiled their research goals and timetables in the first open campus meeting. A third meeting will be held on April 24.

Tuesday’s recommendations will be presented to the College’s board of trustees on Thursday, March 8.

The College last did strategic planning in 2001-2002. See the strategic planning calendar, committee priorities and other issues at the Vaughn portal, linked here. Once logged in, see Vaughn Strategic Plan under Announcements.


SECOND OPEN CAMPUS MEETING: Brendan Leonard of Stevens Strategy introduces Tuesday’s strategic planning session; below, Assistant Vice President Amanda Talty presents recommendations from the committee on finance.