The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Technical Activities Board (TAB) Hall of Honor Selection Committee recently nominated Vaughn alumnus and former board of trustees chair Ken Stauffer ’83, to the 2023 Hall of Honor. This award is presented to those who have made one or more contributions to IEEE technical activities. Stauffer is invited to attend the November 2023 TAB meeting in Boston to accept the award.  

After graduating from the College in 1983, Stauffer began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey and has since held several high-ranking positions through his professional career. In January 2003, he co-founded Technology Assurance Labs and then co-founded Cypress Equipment two years later. Stauffer served as chief executive officer for both companies for 15 years.  

Stauffer joined Vaughn’s Board of Trustees in 2014 and served as the Chair of the board for several years. Additionally he has brought his entrepreneurial expertise to Vaughn’s community by teaching workshops on the subject for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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