From June 25 through June 28 Vaughn faculty and students attended the American Society for Engineering and Education (ASEE) 124th annual conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Students Waqas Latif ’16, Milana Natanova ’16 and Richa Bagalkotkar ’17 presented their research on “Volumetric Flow Visualization using CWLaser and Scanning Mirrors.” This presentation detailed the new and improved volumetric flow visualization system using continuous wave laser and scanning mirrors. The light intensity of each sheet produced by the Volumetric Flow Visualization System is uniformly distributed and the strength of the intensity remains unchanged. Vaughn’s student paper won the “Innovation Award” of the manufacturing division’s “Make It” session of the conference, beating out 20 participating teams including Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Hossein Rahemi, engineering and technology department chair and Dr. Shouling He, associate professor, presented their research “Summer Engineering Experience (SEE) Program to Prepare Freshman Students for Engineering Studies.” This presentation detailed the development process of the SEE program.