Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has donated an auxiliary power unit (APU) worth more than $350,000 to Vaughn College for use in its laboratories. APUs are found on jet aircraft and are primarily used during aircraft ground operations for activities such as powering the air conditioning and starting the engine.

The APU was manufactured by Sunstrand and was never used on an aircraft. This unit will be used in courses that prepare students for the Federal Aviation Administration’s airframe and powerplant certification.

“Airbus’ generous donation allows us to extend the knowledge of our students beyond the theoretical,” said Dr. John Fitzpatrick, president of Vaughn College.  “As a small, private institution, the impact of a gift of this magnitude makes a true difference for our students.”

“Airbus is pleased to support Vaughn College and education of the next generation of leaders in this industry,” said Barry Eccleston, president and chief executive officer of Airbus Americas. “By partnering with Vaughn, we’re making an investment in the future.”

DHL has generously donated the shipment of the APU to Vaughn.  Weighing several hundred pounds, Vaughn will take delivery in mid-September.