Vaughn College received approval on September 15 for its new bachelor of science degree program in aeronautical sciences from the New York State Education Department.

The program is designed to offer students the ability to obtain a degree that provides a broad perspective in the aeronautical sciences field, and foundation training in areas such as flight dispatch, air traffic control, aviation safety and airfield operations.

This degree was developed to provide students with the flexibility to incorporate flight qualifications they’ve obtained through Vaughn’s associate or bachelor’s aircraft operations degree programs if they decide to pursue a different career path.

“We are very pleased to receive this approval,” said President Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo. “This is yet another way we can afford our students an opportunity to pursue the degree they determine is best suited to their skills and interests.”

The goal of the new program is to prepare students for aviation careers with employers such as The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal, Marsh Aviation, Raytheon Corporation, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Students graduating from this program are expected to be able to obtain two or more FAA certificates as a flight dispatcher and as a ground instructor for basic flight and instrument pilots. Other career possibilities are afforded to students in this program through a variety of electives and certificate programs including air traffic control, airport and airline management, unmanned aerial systems, fixed base operator management, entrepreneurship, export-import, insurance, security, supply chain management, avionics, engineering technology, environmental issues, accident investigation and safety management systems. Students in this program can also elect to pursue internships and research projects in order to further their academic and practical experiences.

Vaughn’s location, adjacent to world-class LaGuardia Airport, as well as smaller airports, provides a learning environment unsurpassed in terms of activities, resources and personnel in the aeronautical sciences fields.