FAQ – Residence Hall
How early may I request housing?
Students may apply after their acceptance to Vaughn College. Students are encouraged to apply for housing as early as possible for the best opportunity to receive a room assignment.
Are students guaranteed housing?
No. The residence hall’s capacity is 200 residential students. Therefore, housing is available on first-come, first-served basis (provided that the student has been admitted to Vaughn College, he or she has submitted a complete student housing application, provided a photocopy of a health insurance card and have paid the $250 housing deposit).
What is the housing deposit and what is it for?
Each student is required to submit a $250 housing deposit along with a completed housing application. The $250 fee is a deposit towards your fall and spring housing charges. If you cancel housing in writing prior to July 1, for the fall semester, or January 1, for the spring semester, the $250 housing deposit will be refunded. After these dates, the deposit is not refunded.
What is the cost for a room in the Residence Hall?
For the 2018-2019 school year, a single room in a two-person suite is $6,370 per semester. A double room in a four-person suite is $5,400 per semester. A triple room in a three-person suite is $4,735 per semester. A quadruple in a four-person suite is $4,570 per semester.
How do I make a request for a specific roommate?
A student can request a specific person as a roommate by completing the housing application and indicating the name and Vaughn ID number of the person requested. The request must be submitted by both students in order to match roommates. Both applications should be filled out identically and submitted as close to the same date as possible. Although roommates are not guaranteed an assignment to the same room, the majority of roommate requests will be matched if the applicants follow these procedures.
How can I change my application?
Students can request a change to information provided on their application by submitting a written request for a change. Call the residence hall at 718.429.6600, ext. 316 for more information.
When will I find out what my room assignment is and who my roommate is?
Assignment and roommate information for the fall semester is generally made available through our mailing in late July.
What do I do if I need to cancel my housing application/assignment?
Written cancellations should be made as soon as the student determines he or she is not attending Vaughn College. Cancellations cannot be made by phone. Cancellations can result in forfeiture of the housing deposit if made after July 1.
How late can I apply for housing?
You can apply for housing at any time after you have been admitted to the College. However, space is limited and late applicants may not be guaranteed an assignment at the beginning of the semester. Freshmen should apply for housing prior to May 1.
When does the residence hall open in the fall?
The residence hall generally opens during the weekend prior to the beginning of classes.
What does the residence hall look like?
The residence hall is a three-story suite-style building. Each suite has two bedrooms and a private bathroom shared by all students in the suite. The building has a lounge area on first floor, a classroom on the second floor, a fitness center on the third floor, and a kitchen facility on the first floor, as well as laundry facilities on the second and third floors.
How many students are assigned to a room?
Generally, there are two to three students assigned to a room. Singles are awarded on a limited basis and to those students who demonstrate a medical need for one. All rooms in our residence hall are connected to another bedroom and have a shared bathroom. Each suite is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the suite areas and their bathroom.
Is the residence hall coed?
The building is coed. Each suite is single gender.
What are the security measures in the building?
The building is monitored 24 hours a day/seven days a week by security cameras positioned on the outside and inside of the residence. Additionally, a security officer is present at the front desk every day/all day as well as student affairs staff.
How are the rooms furnished?
The rooms are set up with a bed, desk, chair and chest of drawers. We provide the blinds for all windows. Rooms are not carpeted. Area rugs are allowed. View a sample room.
Is storage space available?
Please choose what you are bringing carefully. Vaughn is not able to provide storage, and all room furniture must stay in your room at all times.
May I decorate my room any way I please?
We encourage each student to make his/her room their own. However, certain restrictions apply. No Vaughn-owned furniture (including beds, frames and mattresses) can be removed from the room. In addition, students are responsible for any damage that occurs to the walls inside their rooms. Therefore, care should be taken when hanging items on the walls. Decorating that can be removed or undone by the student at the end of the year is encouraged.
What about laundry rooms?
The residence hall has swipe-card-operated laundry facilities on the second and third floors.
How do I put money on my ID card for laundry and vending?
You can put money on your ID card by going directly to the office of student accounts or using the website www.get.cbord.com/vaughn. Your Vaughn College ID card will have two accounts one for dining in the cafeteria and one for laundry/vending machines.
Can I ask to be changed out of my room if things are not working out with my roommate?
Some friction is likely. Very rarely are there no problems whatsoever between roommates. After all, you are living with a new person who you don’t know well. So give it two weeks. Most problems can be solved and habits gotten used to in that amount of time. However, if you still have problems after the first two weeks, contact your resident assistant or the residence life staff and they will see what they can do to rectify the problem. As always, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member anytime during these two weeks for advice. That’s what they’re there for.
What should I bring?
We suggest bringing items that will help your room feel like home, such as: posters, pictures, pillows, toiletries, linens/blankets (twin extra long), stereo, hangers, television, towels and wash cloths, computer, desk lamp, phone and a clock.
What is not allowed in the residence hall?
No pets (other than fish), candles, dartboards, incense, halogen lamps, kerosene lamps, open-coil heaters, waterbeds, hookahs, extension cords, electric blankets, cooking appliances, firearms or weapons, electric grills, microwaves, toasters, air-conditioner units, hot plates or satellite dishes.
Can I paint my room?
No. Residents are prohibited from painting their rooms. However, if a resident feels that their room is in serious need of painting, he or she should contact the student affairs staff to arrange for the room to be painted.
Can I smoke in the residence hall?
No. The entire hall is non-smoking. This includes cigarettes, cigars, aromatic cigarettes, herbal cigars and burning incense. Students can smoke outside in designated areas away from the residence hall access doors.
Do I have to purchase a meal plan?
Yes. Meal plans are mandatory for all residential students. There are four meal-plan options: $1,600, $1,200, $880 and $595. The $1,600 and $1,200 plans are open to all students; the $880 and $595 plans are open to returning students only.
Can we have refrigerators?
You can have a refrigerator in your room as long as it is no larger than 5.0 cubic feet. Microwaves are not allowed in individual student rooms. The residence hall is not equipped with the electrical service to allow residents to have microwave ovens in their rooms. However, College-sanctioned micro-type refrigerator/freezer/microwave ovens are permitted in student rooms because of their patented circuitry that automatically shuts off power to the refrigerator/freezer whenever the microwave is turned on.
How often are rooms cleaned?
Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. The custodial staff is responsible for cleaning the public areas (hallways, lounges, etc.) and public restrooms. Additionally, students are responsible for cleaning their own suite bathrooms on a regular basis with their own cleaning supplies.
Where do I get my ID card?
You obtain your Vaughn College ID card from the security office located in AV Room across from the Athletics office. You will need your ID card to obtain access to the residence hall.
Where do I get my parking permit?
Your parking permit can be obtained from the student services office in LL17. You need to know your license plate number to properly fill out the paperwork.
Where do I get my phone?
You need to bring your own phone and answering machine.
What is my phone number?
You must request a phone extension for your room when you arrive in the residence hall.
How do I call long distance?
Long-distance calls can be made with a phone card or prepaid calling card. You are able to make on-campus calls, local calls and 800 numbers without either of those.
How can I connect to the Internet?
Students can connect to the Internet either through an Ethernet connection in their room or wirelessly throughout the hall and across the campus.
Will I have e-mail?
Vaughn College requires students to have a Vaughn e-mail account as it is used to communicate with faculty and staff, access grades, the library, career openings and activities.
Should I bring my own computer?
Though students will have access to the main student computer lab, it is recommended that students bring their own portable (laptop/notebook) computers to campus.
Are my personal belongings insured?
Vaughn is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage of students’ personal property. It is strongly recommended that students obtain renter’s insurance.
Who can a student turn to if a problem should arise?
A Resident Assistant (RA) is placed on each floor to act as a resource for students. They are available to assist residents with a variety of concerns or can refer students to an appropriate campus or community resource.
What is a resident assistant (RA)?
Resident assistants (RAs) are upper-class students. Their various duties focus on the development of a floor and hall community. Each RA is responsible for organizing social and educational floor events, participating in conflict-resolution activities, responding to crisis, serving as a referral source and assisting with adjustment issues that new and returning students face.