FAQ – Admissions
How many students are enrolled at the College?
There are about 1,000 students in the academic programs and about 500 students in the certificate program.
What is the percent of women in your school?
10 percent to 15 percent.
What is your student to faculty ratio?
What are the basic entrance requirements?
In general, bachelor of science (BS) degree applicants should have an SAT of 1050 (combined critical reading and math) or higher and GPA of 80 or higher. Our associate in applied sciences programs have an open admissions policy. The student must have high school diploma, GED or pass the Ability to Benefit exam. Although there are admissions requirements, the college evaluates everyone on an individual basis.
What documents do I need to complete my application?
You need the following documents: application for admission, official copy of your high school transcript, diploma or GED with scores, official college transcripts (if applicable) and immunization records. A Class II medical is also a requirement for aircraft operations applicants only.
Is an admissions interview required for acceptance?
An interview with an admissions counselor is strongly recommended for all applicants. Both an admissions and financial aid interview are required for applicants who want to be considered for the aircraft operations degree program.
How can I submit an application?
To apply, click here.
What is the application fee?
There’s a non-refundable application fee of $40.
What is your application deadline?
The college has rolling admissions, but we recommend getting your application as soon as possible. (March 1 is the preferred date to be eligible for scholarships)
How do I plan a campus visit?
To schedule a visit, click here or contact Admissions at 1.866.6VAUGHN, ext. 118.
Do you accept Advanced Placement and/or transfer credits?
Yes, advanced placement and transfer credits may be eligible for college credit. Students must receive a minimum of a 3 on the AP exam and a C or better for transfer credits. Each class is evaluated and accepted on approval of the Department Chairperson.
How many credits does a student typically take a semester?
Students typically take 15-17 credits per semester.
What are the costs?
A good estimate is $23,750 per year for tuition and $12,000 for room and board, for the 2017-2018 school year. For details, click here.
Is financial aid available?
Yes. At Vaughn College, we work to assist to the fullest extent possible students who do not have sufficient resources to meet their college expenses. The amount of funds that students is eligible to receive are based on the total amount of funds available and the student’s need. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) form must be completed. For more information, click here.
I don’t want a loan. Are there other options?
Yes. An ISA is an innovative financing option that Vaughn College has made available to students. Click here to learn more about Income Share Agreements.
Do you have scholarships?
Yes, scholarships are awarded based on academics and financial need.
Do you offer work-study and/or are there employment opportunities off campus?
Work-study is granted through the Financial Aid Office. There are other opportunities for part-time jobs on campus as well as off campus.
Do you offer the Higher Educational Opportunity Program (HEOP)?
Yes, the college offers HEOP. Students must be New York State residents and qualify both academically and financially to be eligible.
What is your career placement rate?
99 percent of Vaughn graduates receive jobs or continue their education within one year of graduation. 83 percent of Vaughn graduates are employed in their field or continue their education within one year.*

*Outcomes include data within one year of graduation for graduates who reported via survey. There was a total of 282 graduates in 2018. 220 reported an outcome for a 78% response rate. The 2018 graduate class includes September 2018, December 2017 and May 2018 graduates. 

What is the minimum TOEFL score I need to gain admission?
A minimum score of 77 on the Internet-based format is required for admission consideration. Students who fall below this range will be required to complete an intensive English language program.