Miguel Bustamante

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Engineering and Technology


718.429.6600 ext: 173


Dr. Bustamante is a motivated faculty member with more than 20 years of experience addressing student needs and ensuring proper student development. He is a dynamic educator with demonstrated capabilities in the field of developmental math, computer networks, cybersecurity and computer engineering, and is committed to the shaping of students’ mind and empowering them with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing industry. One of my teaching methodologies is to make the classroom fun and exciting thus engaging the students in the subject matter using technology. Other metrologies include using real live examples related to what is being taught in the classroom that can be applied directly. The learners find these methodologies fascinating and without noticing, they become more interested in the college work. 

Dr. Bustamante is the project director of a Title V HSI Grant: “Closing the Equity Gap for Hispanic and Low-Income Students by developing New Degree Pathways in High Need STEM Disciplines.” He serves as the chief liaison between the project and institution, already understanding fully the project planning process and the relationship of the project to the Vaughn committee structures. Dr. Bustamante manages the grant to fulfill its implementation schedule and ensure project objectives are met. 

Dr. Bustamante served as the electrical engineering program coordinator where he advised students in the current field, and revised the curriculum content. His duties included advising the department in prospect changes to the curriculum to meet industry standards and requirements. Decisions were achieved with the help of the industry advisory council, the chair of the department and the electrical engineering faculty, to enhance current syllabi and course content. 


EE, The City College of New York

ME EE, The City College of New York 

MPhil, PhD, The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY