Manuel Adrianzen

Purchasing Director, Purchasing Director, Purchasing


718.429.6600 ext: 138


Manuel comes from a background as a purchasing and logistics manager and upon looking for a new place of employment that was closer to Queens, he found Vaughn’s job opening. His experience and background landed him the position and after two years he now sees this as one of the best decisions that he’s made in his life.

Manuel’s goal at the College is to position the purchasing department to be prepared for the technological changes of the future, and from that save money for the institute. During his time in his role he has implemented changes that are setting up the purchasing department to reach that goal. He’s updated systems to improve tracking of quantities, dates and pricing for internal products.

Manuel has had the fortune to work with a large amount of work study students and he tries to talk with them about planning and job readiness. While some see it as hard work he finds it very rewarding.