Chaundra Daniels

Director of Career Services, Director of Career Services, Career Services


718.429.6600 ext: 148


Chaundra provides the guidance and structure for a range of student services offered by career services and overseeing all office operations on career development strategies. She has more than 25 years working as a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the corporate, healthcare, higher education and the nonprofit sectors. An advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion, she has worked as a job coach, job developer, career counselor and project manager. She has written award winning grants and developed successful initiatives to assist students to become more independently involved with their career planning endeavors while securing purposeful employment. Chaundra is an enthusiastic and resourceful administrator. She offers a unique communication style with the ability to successfully engage employers and motivate students through critical thinking. She has a fond appreciation of butterflies and uses their symbolic nature of “transformation” as part of her message in providing inspiration.