Wellness Tips to Boost Your Energy While Distance Learning

October 14, 2020 Student Life

With the fall semester in full swing, today’s college students are settling into their academic grooves as many continue to learn virtually in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through it all is an important part of keeping the body and mind in balance to ensure a successful and productive learning experience.

Did you know that your eating, drinking and sleeping habits have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day? If you’re thinking you could use a boost, you’re not alone. You may just need to tweak a few things in your schedule.

As part of Vaughn College’s ongoing commitment to our students’ success and well-being, we have outlined some beneficial lifestyle tips to help you wake up feeling great, boost your energy and bring you an overall sense of well-being. Think of it as a wellness check up—with no doctor visit required!

Wake up feeling great

Let’s face it. Unless you’re a morning person, waking up early is not fun. If you’re someone who has hit the snooze button one too many times, you know all too well how sleeping-in can throw off your day, causing you to then rush and stress out. Here are some habits to try that may help you wake up feeling great and ready to conquer your day:

  • Stretching—You don’t have to know yoga to reap the benefits of stretching. Setting aside about 15 minutes in the morning can provide positive energy and leave you feeling like a new person.
  • Relaxing “me” time—Enjoying a relaxing morning where you’re doing something that makes you happy is critical to setting a positive tone for the day.

(Just be sure to give yourself enough time. This may mean going to bed, and waking up earlier.)

  • Getting enough sleep—This can be easier said than done, but getting enough sleep can make or break your day. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Experts say to avoid certain things before bedtime, such as caffeine, heavy meals and checking your phone or emails.

Drink this, not that

Experts agree: The first beverage you drink in the morning may have a lasting effect on how you get through your day—not to mention encouraging hydration and maintaining healthy blood pressure. If you’re a coffee drinker, relax. You won’t have to give up your coffee. Here are some beverages that our experts give a thumbs-up to, as well as what you should avoid drinking in the morning:


  • Water—Drinking water first thing in the morning can help you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Coffee—Nutritionists agree morning coffee can boost productivity and contribute to a positive morning routine.
  • Tea—Tea, like coffee, has a similar effect with added benefits. Drinking tea has been known to help with diabetes management and prevention.

Don’t drink

  • Soda or energy drinks—These highly-processed beverages contain large amounts of sugar and can lead to a mid-morning sugar crash.
  • Fad drinks and detoxes.
  • High calorie or high caffeinated drinks—These beverages can make your body crave them all day long, thus causing you to possibly experience a sugar crash.

Food to fuel your mornings

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you’re like some people, eating breakfast may come later in the morning or not at all. Did you know that eating the right kind of food in the morning has an energizing effect that can last all day long? Here are some foods to try that can provide you with the morning boost you’re looking for:

  • Oats—Before you say, “boring” give oatmeal another chance. Adding milk, fruit or honey to your oats is a delicious way to enjoy oatmeal again while getting the added benefit of fiber, antioxidants and an added boost of energy.
  • Greek yogurt—This protein-packed food is a smart alternative to regular yogurt. Add fresh fruit, honey, oats or cereal to make it even more delectable.
  • Honey—You may think honey is only good when you have a sore throat or you’re not feeling well. But did you know honey is a delicious way to sweeten your breakfast naturally without using sugar? Try adding it to your oatmeal or yogurt. Honey will not only give you a lasting energy boost, but it will also help prevent a sugar crash.
  • Eggs—This one may not come as a surprise. Eggs contain protein and B vitamins that are known to maintain your energy level more efficiently. Additionally, they are versatile and can be prepared many ways. Try switching them up to give your meals more variety.
  • Salmon—You may not think of salmon as a breakfast food, but maybe it’s time you should. Salmon is a great alternative to more traditional sugary breakfast items. It’s nutrient-packed and helps boost your energy levels as you fight off fatigue.

Self-care tips to de-stress and stay focused

Social distancing and learning virtually may not be what you expected this semester. We understand it may be challenging at times. The good news is there are easy and inexpensive ways to offset your daily routine by adding fun activities to your daily lifestyle. The smallest distractions can lead to the biggest impacts on your mental health and well-being. Here are some fun things to consider that will help you take a break from your routine:

  • Watch your favorite shows, and try adding a comedy to your mix. Laughter is one of the best ways to bring positive vibes to your day.
  • Compile a mix of your top tunes. Music has a therapeutic affect on our emotions and can bring much needed stress relief after a long day.
  • Take a break from social media.
  • Get up and exercise. Remaining active helps to relieve stress, tension and built-up energy. Additionally, the release of endorphins can be a good mood-booster!

For more lifestyle tips, read our blog: “Is Distance Learning Closing in on You? Try These Mood-Boosting Tips.”

If you need help adjusting to distance learning or have other questions or concerns, you can find more resources, contact information and regular coronavirus updates on our website at https://www.vaughn.edu/about/coronavirus/. Remember, we are moving forward together!