We Believe in the Quality of Our Education and the Promise of Success in Your Career

Who said there are no guarantees in life? Vaughn College thinks otherwise. Vaughn is so confident in preparing its graduates for career success, they guarantee it. If eligible students are not employed in their field one year after graduating and still conducting an active job search, Vaughn will provide tuition reimbursement for one year of the graduate’s federal Direct undergraduate student loan payments.

If a graduate who meets the criteria would prefer to enroll in a master’s program at Vaughn, they can do so without incurring charges for one year in lieu of receiving loan payments.

Speak to an admissions counselor to learn more about eligibility and to see if you meet the criteria.

An eligible student will:

  • Remain enrolled full-time at Vaughn College continuously. (This enrollment is two years for students in the Aviation Training Institute with their A&P certificates and 4 1/2 years for any academic programs).

  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.5.

  • Successfully complete CD101 Career Development Seminar.

  • Academic Programs―Meet with career services at least once a year during sophomore and junior years of study, four times during the last year of study and two times during their job search.

  • Aviation Training Institute program―Meet with career services at least once a semester, beginning with their second semester of study through the completion of the program, and two times during their job search.